Three-Volume Compositions

Sketch 3 For Interior Design I, Tony wanted us to learn about composition, light, texture, and craft. Our first project was to make three-volume assemblies out of corrugated cardboard and then photograph them. Each was supposed to have a clear dominant, subdominant, and subordinate volume, and to make use of the cardboard’s texture. We started by creating ten sketches:

Since Tony was interested in joinery I borrowed some ideas from woodworking, such as pegs and dovetails.

The next stage was to pick the best two. Number three (the feature photo) was one of my favourites, but I had to admit it didn’t make an exciting photo in elevation and display the light-pipe effects that made me love it. Tony and I selected sketches five and seven as the best. I remade them at higher quality and took a full set of photographs for each.

My favourite pieces played with balance, in both physical and power terms. They were supported or held together by the subordinate piece, such as the slices in five and seven, and the slender column in three. If that piece was taken away, the assembly would tip over or fall apart, so it was subordinate and dominant at the same time.