Swiss House

View 2, colour This project is the culmination of a semester spent learning 3D Studio Max, the most complicated and option-infested program I have ever used, and that’s saying something. We learned basic modelling, some of the available modifiers, lighting, and texturing. Our teacher was, by his own admission, relatively new to 3D Studio Max, so I taught myself quite a lot beyond the lecture material, using the help files and internet tutorials.

The project set:

Download the model (3DS Max file, 14mb).

Lawyers N Love

Concept board for Lawyers N Love

A concept board for a bar called Lawyers N Love (not my choice of name), which includes a rendered perspective and a concept statement. I saw it as being sleek, modern and warm, despite the chrome furniture, thanks to the warm dark wood, raspberry walls, and creamy white leather with a very natural texture.  I wanted the barstools to resemble marshmallows, and choose classic Le Corbusier furnishings to match them.

Original shot from SketchUp
Final rendering

The perspective is based on a model I created in SketchUp (24mb). Once satisfied with the arrangement, I exported an image of a particular view. From that, I edited it in stages to first remove unnecessary lines, then create the many complex selections required, and finally coloured and lit the perspective.