2D Monochrome Graphic Design

Plaid This group of items are from an assignment doing monochrome graphic design. The “lines” item suggested a plaid to me, so that’s what I did. The black stripes are paper, and it was very hard to cut and glue 1/16″ inch strips accurately. I deliberately threw the black/white balance off-center in this one too. Bob kept this for the next CIDA review, so my attempt at asymmetrical balance was clearly working.

The boxes pieces came out better than I would have expected since I have never had much of a feel for abstract art. Like the plaid, it’s off-center and balanced at the same time. Bob kept this one for CIDA too.

It is surprisingly difficult to paint straight lines and sharp corners accurately. I should have borrowed a trick from Candace and masked them off with painter’s tape.

Sketch of seashellBlocksThis marker sketch of a seashell was done as a preliminary stage for the organic pattern, which didn’t come out as well as I would have liked it to.