Lime Spider Stylemaster Template

Screenshot of my Lime Spider webpage template

The webpage template I designed for Westciv‘s 2004 competition won an honourable mention and was included in Stylemaster version 4 under the name Lime Spider.

See a live demo of Lime Spider. Isn’t it lovely in comparison with the unstyled version?

Entries in the competition were expected to be valid, accessible XHTML and CSS. So, I used semantic code which is more accessible, especially for screen readers. I styled it so that text contrasted strongly with the background and could be resized without damaging the layout or aesthetics. Neither does it rely on having perfect colour vision, or have any images or plugins replacing the text. Lime Spider is readable, attractive, compatible with a wide range of browsers, fast-loading, and easy to modify.

It is also a fluid design. It reshapes to fit your browser window width so long as it is not too narrow or wide to read comfortably. Since its proportions are set in ems, they’re maintained regardless of your window or text size.

I began by making a grey version, to hammer out the layout and typography, and then made several colour variations.