Arndis Skin for PmWiki

Arndis Skin for PmWiki v1 in Cream I created the Arndis skin for PmWiki in the spring of 2004.  I was running PmWiki v 0.6 or 1.x at the time.  It’s been through a few rewrites since then, but the visual design is much the same as the original.

Like my other web designs, it’s standards-compliant, semantic, accessible, etc., etc.  It’s a simple liquid two-column affair, with a brighter content area floating in a sea of background and sidebar. I made several colour variations:

Going beyond the pretty looks, I did some things to suit myself with this skin. There is a breadcrumb trail to show the reader her location in the site. The sidebar contains some auto-updating sections that use javascript snippets to work their magic. The editing command tabs are an unordered list, for the reasons given in A List Apart. This particular unordered list began life as an example from Listamatic, but I tweaked the heck out of it over several generations.

Arndis Skin for PmWiki v1 in GreyArndis Skin for PmWiki v1 in Sage

The hardest thing to do to it was the you-are-here marker, which highlights the current tab. I needed a CSS selector for it and only it, which meant I needed a hook in the HTML PmWiki generated. Happily, the creator of PmWiki is very good at answering questions or helping out with small things like this, and he pointed out a hook that already existed in the code.