Eileen Gray Exhibit

Eileen Gray-inspired rug design

One of our professors had us do a poster and invitation for an exhibit of Eileen Gray‘s works, and a rug design based on hers. Even though this was the last assignment of our monochrome term, our professor invited us to pick a signature colour for the assignment. Myself, I like red.

I did my typesetting and layout in Indesign CS2, since I wanted some precise effects with colours and overlaps that I couldn’t do by hand. The typeface is Futura. The illustrations of Gray’s pieces are all done by hand, as was the assembly. Oh, the scent of rubber cement in the morning.

Poster for Eileen Gray exhibit

The poster’s copy is my own, based on our research in and out of class. I felt the “who when where what why” format was a suitably modern style, and gave me five neat blocks to disperse around the illustrations. On that topic, the two tables were drawn in technical pen, the house and the sofa in charcoal, and the screen in a dark ink wash using frisket for the resist effect. I reused elements from the poster to create the invitation.

I think the rug design is my favourite piece of the group. Most of Gray’s rugs were very modern and abstract in composition, and the colouring was often bold. I tried to mimic those traits without mimicking a particular design, and I think it succeeded.

Invitation to Eileen Gray exhibit
Invitation to the exhibit
Eileen Gray-inspired rug design
Original rug design based on Gray's style